Past Sale Results

Bargain buying on high performance rams at Woolumbool studs’ sale

There was strong support on the White Suffolks at Woolumbool studs' 36th annual ram sale on Wednesday last week but there were still tremendous value for money across all three breeds.
2022 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Bulk buyers make the most of Woolumbool ram sale value

AFTER several years of very strong ram sales at Woolumbool the pendulum swung back in favour of buyers at the stud's 35th annual on-property auction on Wednesday last week with some exceptional value for money.
2021 Woolumbool Ram Sale

High performance adds up to $12,000 high at Woolumbool sale

A spring 2020 drop White Suffolk ram with multiple performance figures ranking among the best in the breed soared to a $12,000 high.
2020 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Woolumbool genetics attract strong bidding competition

REPEAT clients showed their faith in the Woolumbool genetics with strong competition throughout at the Clothier family's on-property auction.
2019 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Studs battle for Woolumbool’s best

A HIGH-INDEXING Poll Dorset ram ignited a bidding war at Woolumbool stud's on-property auction on Wednesday last week, helping the Clothier family achieve a sale record top price of $13,500.
2018 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Woolumbool achieves huge top price rise

IN A fantastic vote of confidence in the Clothier family’s Woolumbool studs, buyers pushed their 31st annual on-property auction average to $1901, up $345 on last year.
Woolumbool 2016 Ram Sale

Measurement lifts results at Woolumbool

REPEAT commercial clients, many sitting in their usual seats, along with a few new buyers produced a wonderful result at Woolumbool’s 29th annual on-property Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram sale near Lucindale, on Wednesday last week.
2015 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Figures entice Woolumbool buyers

COMPARED to last year, Woolumbool sold an extra 28 rams and lifted its average by 29 per cent to $1289 at its annual sale on Wednesday.Four elite Poll Dorset rams were first up and sold to a top of $2000 to Toland Pastoral's Feltrum Poll Dorset stud at Violet Town, Vic.
2013 Woolumbool Ram Sale

Woolumbool bids strong

THE stands were nearly back to having the 'fully occupied' sign at the 26th annual Woolumbool Poll Dorset and White Suffolk sale on October 2.
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