MUlti meats ram marketing changes


This update is to inform Multimeat clients of recent changes to how Multimeat rams will be supplied during this current season and into the future.

The Woolumbool Multimeat flock will not be leasing rams from here on. They can only be purchased through the Woolumbool annual Multibreed ram sale held annually on the 1st Wednesday of October or privately through on property negotiation. The higher ranked rams will be offered through the auction and private sales cannot commence until post auction.

The main reason for this change is to simplify the ram outflow from Woolumbool and because many clients have been asking to have a better choice of rams rather than a pick from randomized rams, so to be fair to all it is better for Woolumbool to offer the top rams at the one forum.

The Kerami flock have chosen to continue with leasing arrangements as before with the rams being leased out and invoiced directly from Kerami.

The rams currently leased out to you via the Multimeat Company will continue to be invoiced by the Multimeat Company for the next 2 years after which the Woolumbool portion will be given in and the Kerami portion will be transferred to the Kerami books. This will mean some of you will receive two lease invoices over the ensuing 2 years with one coming from the Multimeat Company and the other from Kerami.

The new leasing rate for the Kerami rams will be $500 + gst

We trust these arrangements will meet with your acceptance.