Woolumbool’s Breeding Program


It is our view that we must breed animals that are as
productive and easy care as possible.


For this reason we have in recent years, in addition to measuring for production traits also embarked on a program of measuring and selecting for traits
which will eventually lead to sheep which require minimal handling for worm
treatments and will remain free of dag. These 2 traits we believe cause a greater
amount of angst and extra work in sheep management than most others, particularly
in the higher rainfall and higher stock density regions.

Our breeding program is based on a sound combination of measured traits with
analysis prepared by LAMBPLAN ® the recognised world leader in this field, and
practical application of the Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s), along with
recognition that animals must also be structurally correct and true to type.

LAMBPLAN ® ASBV’s are calculated from systematic combinations of
performance information from individuals and their relatives collected at various
stages during their development. They are expressed as the difference between an
individual’s genetic merit and the genetic base to which the animal is compared.

Mature Body Weight

I have noticed over many years the tendency for Prime lamb producers to target the
biggest rams in flock ram sales believing them to be better rams than their
counterparts. Prior to the introduction of LAMBPLAN ® ASBV’s this was a
sensible approach and the only method available to evaluate young rams.
In today’s world this only serves to send a signal to Seed Stock producers to breed
bigger and bigger animals to the extent that many rams will be unmanageable for
shearers in the future even with sedatives.
LAMBPLAN ® ASBV’s give us the power to breed rams which have the capacity to
grow rapidly right up to export weights without having sires which are massive. To
achieve this result the ASBV’s of most importance are the Wwt and Pwwt. These
are the one’s to have as high as they can be along with a low to moderate Bwt ASBV
There is no point at all in having sires which are huge and produce lambs which
grow slower than others up until they get to 50kgs and then outstrip the growth of all
others as they themselves have likely done.